Friday, September 2, 2011

Angel Food Update!!

So one week in to Angel Food and here is my update!!

I started with some things in my freezer to begin with so somethings we had to eat right away (honey BBQ wings included... so painful for me.. NOT!!!) for lunch that day because I could not fit it all in my freezer!

I spent $140 and was hoping it would last a whole month ($35 a week) I think if we were a family of two it would but as it seems it will not (that would have been nice!!) so next time I will double (looking at the menu it will be about $200 so only $50 a week still isn't bad at all) and it will be good!!

So what I ordered:

The one thing I was disappointing in was the roasting chicken was small (perfect size for two) so I roasted it and then took it a part and will make a pot pie today!

The food quality was very good and I will be ordering again for September!!! I highly recommend this service!! I like that it gave me a chance to be creative!

With the fruit and veggie box I got I cut up the fruits and veggies and put them in snack bags and voila! Healthy school snacks on the cheap! I was concerned about the head of cabbage... Didn't feel like making coleslaw so I grabbed the tofu in my fridge and made cabbage, onion, and tofu soup! I gave it an oriental kick and froze it in single serve portions for lunches this fall/winter!!

Over all it has been a hit and not one complaint yet!! Meat was good quality (Not the best but better than I expected for what I paid) and the kids loved all the stuff in the after school box!!

The Kennedy family gives it 8 thumbs up!!

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