Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WAHM Wednesday!! 09/07/2011

Today for WAHM Wednesday I chose one of m,y favorite Work at home Mommas... Pooky Packs!

I am sure you have seen her on my page and have seen me mention her but I bet you have wondered what she does and how it may effect your life...


Melodi is a wahm with 2 boys, 2 years old & almost 7.  Packing her son’s lunch for school last year was so hard! She had been cloth diapering the little one and was becoming very aware of waste.  And so using the plastic baggies was killing her slowly LOL!  And the big plastic containers did not fit in a standard lunch box.  Sooo she started looking into foodsafe materials that were easy to clean and suitable for things like cut up fruit and veggies (as well as dry snacks).  She started with the sandwich wraps and snack bags, then recently the sandwich bags that can also be large snack bags.  At first it was her friends buying them, then a cafe wanted to stock them.  So she set up a page on fb & she have another retailer in Sorrento.  She live in the beautiful Okanagan (Canada) but she do a lot of shipping to the states. She loves what she does, and that she gets to stay home with her boys, reduce waste, and has met some wonderful people while doing it!!

Some of the great thing she makes are:

Not only are these cute and green but they are also so economical! Imagine never buying sandwich or snack bags ever again!! These are reusable and safe which means it saves the economy, saves your wallet, and saves your lunch for years to come! She has them in so many varieties so you, your spouse, and your kids will have a choice of colors and prints to express themselves!!

I have seen these selling at major retailers (including the LL Bean flagship store and big box stores) for well over $10 but this wonderful Momma sells her handmade with love goods at a great price that includes no middle man!!

Sandwich wraps $8
Snack packs $6
Pooky Picnic Pack $20 ~ includes 2 wraps & 1 snack pack
Shipping within Canada ~ approx $2.00, depending on order
Shipping to the US ~ approx $3.00, depending on order

She also makes other things and makes to order! I would recommend you all checking out her Facebook Page for more info!!

***Remember if you know a great WAHM please let us know! You never know they may just be our next WAHM Wednesday feature!!***

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