Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little bit of rambling on a Sunday morning...

Good morning all!!

I feel I need to share this with all of you! As most of you know I like to be stress free and drama free. Normally my way of dealing with confrontation is to ignore it and put on a happy (Or brave) face (which ever the case may be). I give people chance after chance but at some point you need to draw the line between forgiveness and just plain letting your self be abused...

On that note I would like to share some things with you about me, this blog, and why I started The Free Life...

I started this blog and page to share the great finds I find with family and friends! Since the first day about a month or so ago it went to being just a few people from my personal FB list to almost 900!! To say I am thrilled is an understatement! I am beyond happy you all have decided to follow me and listen to my ramblings! Which brings me to my first point/statement

1) This blog and site are me and everything comes from my own beautiful mind! Every review is my own opinion, every deal is one I found and researched (If I find I found a dud and posted it I WILL tell you). I will never let a person, vendor, or business tell me how to write, brand, or even portray my thoughts and ideas! I am who I am and that is all I can be!

I will only post something if I believe in it and find it has value in MY EYES. Every person has the ability to pass by it or read it or even "unlike" me for something I wrote. I will not be offended!! HONESTLY!! I am a wife and a mom of two kids and can only know and post on what I know!! If I do not post something it is because I personally do not find value in it. I love when you all post deals!! (I will normally repost them too because I find my loyal readers have some great tips!)

When I post a guest post it is from someone I trust and Know and I read their content first. I hold myself accountable for everything I put on my blog and FB!!!

2)When I endorse, shout out, recommend, etc etc a product, company it is because it is one I have done/do business with or know the person/people behind the business and find them of quality and feel I could put my name behind!! Again I am just me, I am not a company, a business, or a "brand" nor do I really plan to be!

Now that is not to say if Martha Stewart came knocking asking me to join her team or offered me a show I wouldn't turn her down... I am just saying I am a blogger who loves to share her opinions and deals!

3) I am in no way an extreme couponist who is only out to get things for free!! I prefer to save money so I can do the fun things: Travel, spoil my kids rotten, pamper myself, and surprise my husband with things he loves!! I do love giveaways and contests and love winning! Normally when I do win I will give what I won to charity, give it as a gift or share with family and friends! When I do win something, if I like the quality and the people behind the company, I almost ALWAYS order from them in the future!!! I am big on being a repeat customer and ALWAYS ALWAYS spread the word of companies I do like!

I am not one to bad mouth so if there is a company I do not like I will remain silent on here!!

When I do giveaways/fundraisers I in no way get compensated (almost always money comes out of my pocket for it) I do it for you the readers as well as the charity the money goes to and also to help spread the word of some great businesses (who sent their products with out of pocket expense to them!!)

I feel I needed to share this with all of you so you know where I am coming from! I am and always have been just me!! That is who I plan to stay throughout this journey!! I am a mom who does everything she can to stay home with her kiddos and bake cookies for the kids and their friends when they get off the bus. I am a mom who will attend every PTA meeting and be in the classroom to volunteer. I am a mom who will be the scout leader so no kid has to wait on a waiting list. I am the mom who will help out whenever needed and will always have a warm meal for who every needs it and this is how I do it in a bad economy...

That is who I am and that is who you will find on this blog!!

Thank you all for reading! And just so you can get a peak of who you are listening too...

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I (I have since gone back to my natural black hair...) I love it because this sums our personalities :)

Thanks for letting me vent, share, and explain! I promise things won't normally be this heavy but these things have been laying heavily on my mind the last few days and just wanted to get them out there!! And by the way I am here to stay! I will be here even if I have 1,000,000 followers or just 1 and I will be spreading my tips and deals the whole time :) Have a great Labor Day weekend all!!


  1. Hey cuz. Why the need to justify yourself so much??? ~Deb

  2. I think it's not so much about justifying myself but more of making my point and purpose of who I am and why I do this clear. I have had a few people misunderstand the goals of this blog and I wanted to clear it up and make it clear. Also I never did a true "About me about the blog" post to begin with since I only started it about 2 months ago and I was in the middle of moving at the same time and never figured I would have thousands of people reading.

    I wanted to throw it out there that this is me take it or leave it :) As you know I am not one to go with the flow and am not one to just roll over to please the masses ;)