Saturday, September 3, 2011

How much I just love ann page!!

So as most of you know I love supporting the small business owner. I am all about the little guy and try and stay away from mass chains and box stores (I do have a bit of a Target, Sephora, and Starbucks habit, but I digress) and try to stick to the one on one feel. I like to know my money goes to someone who put love and care into what I received and I like to know they have a face too!

When I find I store/person I like I become a loyal costumer until the end! I will return and return and return until they stop selling things (if they ever do)!! At the same end if I find the person/employees to be rude, snobby, unprofessional, and over all (as my grandmother would say) "Not OUR kind of people" I put them on my DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH list.

Recently I found a site I just love and adore! The products are great! The prices are great! The variety is OUTSTANDING! And the owner is such a doll!!

ann page is my newest favorite store! I had been looking for the perfect cheer bag for my daughter and all I knew was that it had to be purple with her name in lime green! I had looked around and nothing was clicking so I decided to contact this site (knowing it was not on their website) just to see. Virgina (the owner) took the time to find bags for me and gave me a variety of styles to chose from! She was patient while I decided what I wanted and how I wanted it to look (name, embroidery style etc etc) and was also able to make a purple decal with my daughters name for the existing lime green Girl Scout water bottle she had (it tied both her activities into one bottle! She only had a text with the picture of the water bottle to go by and the name fit perfect and looked like it was there to begin with when I put it on!!! I was so impressed!

My products came quickly and in great quality (even better than I expected from the pictures!)

Here is a picture with a happy cheerleader right after she got her new bag! I loved that it was still cute and little girlish but being perfect for her cheering and keeping her looking cool for the older girls (even the flowers on the handle are lime green!)!!!

And here is her water bottle after I put the decal on!!!

 So basically I just have to say I love this store!! If you have never ordered from them this is a great chance to!! She is having a sample sale right now on her blog and the prices are UNBELIEVABLE!!! I just warn you that once you do get your first order in there is no going back!! YOU WILL BE HOOKED!!
My daughter loved her water bottle so much she asked me "Mom you HAVE to tell me how you did that so I can do that for my kids!!" at 6 she is an ann pageaholic too!! I have the cutest ann page tumbler!! I also have great note pad too (that I won off her facebook page.)!! If you are interested in the sample sale I would go quick before I buy everything up!!

I would like to also mention that this blog entry is of my own free will and is in no way associated with ann page (I just love this site so much I wanted to share it with you all of you!) and they have no knowledge of me writing it :)

So I am just wondering who your favorite sites, stores, and business are and why I should check them out!!!

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