Friday, September 30, 2011

Ask Away Friday!

Welcome to our first edition of "Ask away Friday"!

This weeks question comes from Hannah in Montana (no lie really her name and where she lives!)

Hannah asked if I circumcised my son and if so why...

Hannah that's a great question!

I want to start out by saying that I am not a Dr and refuse to give medical advise but I will let you know what my husband and I did do and why :)

The decision to circumcise is, in my opinion, not that big a deal anymore. There used to be reasons people did it (religious is the main and original, for a while people were concerned about health reasons, and personal choice) but unless your religious or spiritual preference dictates something in my opinion it is up to you!

One trend (that I disagree with) is letting the child decide when they are old enough so they don't grow to resent you for making important decisions for them. I disagree for many reasons!  Here are just two:

  1. As parents we need to take the bull by its horns and be parents! Being a parent means making choices for your child and they are not always going to like them but we need to make them and not try to be their friends!
  2. If the circumcision is going to be done it is better to do it at a young age when they won't remember it ;)
This topic is totally up to personal choice and personally we chose to circumcise! I feel in the end that you should go with whatever the dad has... That way the son feels like he is like his dad and not different (if their is no dad in the picture to go by then go by your gut instinct!) That is what my opinion is and that is what we did with my son ;)

Thanks Hannah for being our first Ask Away Friday question!

If you have a question you want answered or would like advice on anything at all please let us know and you may just see your question here next week!!

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