Monday, September 5, 2011

Magazine magazines magazines!!! AHHHHHH

So we get over a dozen magazine subscriptions (99% for free) a month (and that is an understatement!!) and every month we have the same issue (pun intended!) WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THESE MAGAZINES!!!!

I hate clutter and in order to be as productive as possible I try to find good resources and ways to reuse things and I had to get creative with magazines!! These are my top favorite ways to clear the magazine clutter:

1) Send them to the troops over seas!
         One of my best friends is over seas and I go through magazines to send to her. I also go through my husbands magazines as well so that she can share with the men in her unit too!!

2) Donate them to the hospital!
          I remember being a candy stripper in high school and most of the magazines I had on the magazine cart I would push around to patients had magazines on it older then me!! Hospitals usually have a volunteer office that would love you if you donated all your old magazines!! (This could also include vetrans homes, nursing homes, free clinics etc etc)

3) Donate them to a local school!
         Your children's art teacher would love you if you brought in a big box of magazines! Or even an art school! Collages are made a lot more than we think in schools and teachers always need the medium to use! Even as a Girl Scout leader I save all my children magazines for craft projects!

4) The sky is the limit!!
          Did I forget any of your favorites... Please let me know!!!

I know some of these (if not all) are no brainers!! But in the moment we forget! So this is my top 3 list of what to do with them! Now please share yours...


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  1. I saw a really cool idea for building a bookshelf using old magazines at
    That was a really neat idea. I liked the idea of making smaller "box" shelves using magazines, the right ones would look very creative and of course I could paint them. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't have enough magazines at this time.