Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Doing something new for the Month of October!!

Instead of WAHM Wednesday in October we are having the 1st annual WAHMmy awards!!

Here are the categories:

Favorite Jewelry

Favorite Kids items

Favorite Mommy items

Favorite Housewares

Favorite Clothes

Most Unique Items

The WAHMmy contributing most to their community as a whole

Favorite Eco Friendly WAHMmy

Get your suggestions in by 10/15 and then we will take the top 3 in each category and we will have a vote!! The winners will be announced on Halloween!!

You can get your suggestions in by either commenting on here or using the contact tab on the FB page or the blog!!

Can't wait to see your suggestions!!


  1. here are my nominations:
    Jewelry: Pribbles-

    Kids: Birdie Baby Boutique-

    Mommy: Silver Wings Designs-

    Housewares: Heart for Your Home

    Clothes: Bleu Bird Designs-

    Most Unique: Deliziare-

    Community Contributing: 3girlscupcakes-

    EcoFriendly: The Spotted Owl Eco choices for Eco families-

  2. Jewelry: JT Sky Designs

    Kids: Oh Sew Green

    Mommy: Little Nurslings

    Favorite Housewares: Ever Sew Clever


    Most Unique: Bundles and Buzz

    Community Contributing: Fluff Planet

    EcoFriendly: Beautiful Bugs Diapers

  3. Favorite Jewelry - JT Sky Designs -

    Favorite Kids items - Pixie kids toys -

    Favorite Mommy items - Randumosity -

    Favorite Housewares - pooky packs -

    Favorite Clothes - mimi's attic -

    Most Unique Items - family funk -

    The WAHMmy contributing most to their community as a whole - awesome mommies -

    Favorite Eco Friendly WAHMmy - Comfybuns cloth wipes -

  4. This was a great idea. Here are my fav WAHM's

    Jewelry: JT Sky Design (Beautiful Custom work)

    Kids: Darling Designz (cutest shoes ever. This may not be the best category, but she deserves to be on this list.)

    Mommy: Oh sew green (for her Momma cloth)

    Housewares: Pooky Packs (her snack packs etc. amazing momma!)

    Clothes: HN Design (cute clothes!)

    Most Unique:

  5. Favorite Jewelry: Headpinwear

    Favorite Kids items: Kid-n-around Creations

    Favorite Mommy items: Delish Naturals

    Favorite Housewares: Pooky Packs

    Favorite Clothes: The Tattooed Ladies

    Most Unique Items: Loops in Loops

    Favorite Eco Friendly WAHMmy: Oh Sew Green

  6. Favorite Eco Friendly WAHM: Sara with Bunzuke!! :)

  7. Jewelry-Sonrisa Jewelry and Designs