Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Helping one of our own!!!!

As Thanksgiving comes we need to think and reflect on what we are thankful for.

For me it is my family and friends who get me through the rough times and celebrate with me during the good. I am thankful for my children and their health.

I feel for those who have children with health issues especially Evelia Perez.

Evelia is the owner and operator of Unique BOWtique. She is a talented seamstress and very crafty lady who works from her home so she can take care of her children during the day, especially her son Sebastion who is 2.5 years old born @ 28 weeks GA and only 2 pounds and 13 inches. When he was 2 weeks old his femure fractured and the doctor said he had Osteogenesis Imperfecta AKA brittle bone. It has been very hard on the family since then. He stayed in the NICU for 5 months with no hope he was going to survive. Up to date he has had 16 fractures and 2 major surgeries to place rods inside his femurs and tibias. Sebastian has Medicaid but not everything is covered. The rest of the family is with out any medical care because they can not pay for it. Evelia is a seamstress and does that to make a living. she started making bows to make extra money to cover Sebastian's medical needs and  just found out that if his tendons do not improve in the next 5 week he is going to need to be in casting for two months. The cast will need to be change every week and it will be very hard for a 2 1/2 year old to have a cast for such a long time and for the family since they will need to drive to Shriners weekly for 2 months and it is not close so travel costs alone will be a burden. Sebastion is also in need of a wheelchair!

With the help of The Blushing Violet, Mommy Do it All, Tazzle Dazzles, Gammianne's Attic, Violet's Bud, and a lot of other wonderful people we are doing our best to help this family this holiday season!

There are FIVE ways to help!!!

  1. We are having an auction! Go to The Free Life and check out our Shopping for Sebastion Album and place a bid!!
  2. Enter our Raffle!! Great prizes from Violet's Bud, Tazzle Dazzle, Mommy Do It All, The Blushing Violet, and more! In order to be entered in the raffle all you have to do is make a donation here

    and we will email you your raffle ticket numbers (every $1 gets you one ticket and every $5 gets you 8!!) Lots of great prizes to be had! Also all donations will be sent to the family!
  3. Shopping for Sebastion Thirty-One party! Go over here and do some some shopping for yourself or cross some people off your holiday shopping list! Proceeds from this party go straight to the family!!
  4. Shop Unique BOWtique this holiday season! Give this great woman your business!!
  5. Finally a direct donation in any amount can help as well! You can donate directly to her paypal at
With so many ways to help there is a way for everyone to help out!

Thank you so much for your help! You will be blessed as you bless others :)

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    WAHMmy Finalist!! CAST YOUR VOTES!!

    You have spoken and here is your chance to vote!! GOOD LUCK ALL!

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    March Of Dimes Fundraiser and Giveaway! Opens 10/15!!!

    For those of you who do not know I have two children. With both my children I went into labor at 20 weeks!! Thanks to medical advancements (and a lot of patient Drs and support family) I was able to deliver my son full term!! My daughter was not so easy... My littlest pea was born two months early!! Due to a paper work mishap she never went to NICU... She was sent to the hospital at 6 weeks with failure to thrive! they thought she would be brain dead at best!! We went through DNA testing and genetics testing to see if she had any disabilities along with (or causing her) failure to thrive but none came back.

    Flash forward 6 years and she is a healthy, active, sweet, and smart 6 year old cheerleading Girl Scout! At this point the only thing we are still working with for specialists are speech therapists!!!

    So as you can see March of Dimes is a charity close to my heart!! For the second half of October we will be raising money and awareness for March of Dimes!

    There is going to be two baskets given away and one GIANT basket raffled off!! Tickets for the raffle are $1 each or 8 for $5 (if you donate $6 you get 9 tickets and if you donate $10 you get 16 etc etc) After you make your donation you will get an email from me with your raffle ticket #s...

    To donate please click here:

    Then Halloween night I will post as my status the winning # (don't worry you will get an email as well!) I will also announce the winners of the giveaway as well!! Then on November 1st I will donate all the proceeds of the ticket sales to March of Dimes!

    Any questions please feel free to ask :)

    Thank you for your support in this cause so close to my heart!

    To enter the giveaway please fill out the form below!

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    ASK AWAY FRIDAY!! 10/7/11

    This question comes from Amy:

    Amy asks:

    How do I get my kids' teachers to listen to me? I am a young mom and have a child in 1st and one in K and I have concerns but the teachers just push them aside and talk down to me. I think it is because of my age (I had my lids at 16 and 17). How can I get them to listen to me and not treat me like a kid??


    First if it is because of your age than what they are doing is wrong!! I sometimes find that I am over sensitive sometimes and think people hate me or ignore me when they don't and it is just that their personality is a bit edgy. Either way of they are not listening to your concerns that is not only morally wrong but could also harm your children and be a violation of school policies.

    The first thing you need to know and remember is (and this may sound mean but it is not) the teachers work for you! You are the one paying their paycheck so in essence you are their boss! They have a responsibility to listen to your concerns! I would first write a note and if no response send and email and then call! Most schools now have a 24 hour policy (if they do not respond in 24 hours or whatever time frame they give them, excluding weekend and holidays, they are in violation of school policy) If you get a I will get back to you and still nothing you are in your right to call the school guidance counciler or principal for a meeting.

    I say these in extreme circumstances but I find just being open and comfortable with the teacher opens doors much quicker! It sounds like you may have some insecurities when it comes to the teachers. I know that a lot of time when our kids first go to school it is intimidating for us too but remember you are the mom, the boss, and the one in control!! Stay strong, confident, and in control and you will do great! It is obvious you are a loving mother who wants the best for your babies and they will get that if you just stick to your guns :)

    What do you all think... Any other suggestions for Amy... Let us know!

    And as always if you have any question please feel free to ASK AWAY and you may be our next ASK AWAY FRIDAY question!

    Friday, September 30, 2011

    Ask Away Friday!

    Welcome to our first edition of "Ask away Friday"!

    This weeks question comes from Hannah in Montana (no lie really her name and where she lives!)

    Hannah asked if I circumcised my son and if so why...

    Hannah that's a great question!

    I want to start out by saying that I am not a Dr and refuse to give medical advise but I will let you know what my husband and I did do and why :)

    The decision to circumcise is, in my opinion, not that big a deal anymore. There used to be reasons people did it (religious is the main and original, for a while people were concerned about health reasons, and personal choice) but unless your religious or spiritual preference dictates something in my opinion it is up to you!

    One trend (that I disagree with) is letting the child decide when they are old enough so they don't grow to resent you for making important decisions for them. I disagree for many reasons!  Here are just two:

    1. As parents we need to take the bull by its horns and be parents! Being a parent means making choices for your child and they are not always going to like them but we need to make them and not try to be their friends!
    2. If the circumcision is going to be done it is better to do it at a young age when they won't remember it ;)
    This topic is totally up to personal choice and personally we chose to circumcise! I feel in the end that you should go with whatever the dad has... That way the son feels like he is like his dad and not different (if their is no dad in the picture to go by then go by your gut instinct!) That is what my opinion is and that is what we did with my son ;)

    Thanks Hannah for being our first Ask Away Friday question!

    If you have a question you want answered or would like advice on anything at all please let us know and you may just see your question here next week!!

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011


    Doing something new for the Month of October!!

    Instead of WAHM Wednesday in October we are having the 1st annual WAHMmy awards!!

    Here are the categories:

    Favorite Jewelry

    Favorite Kids items

    Favorite Mommy items

    Favorite Housewares

    Favorite Clothes

    Most Unique Items

    The WAHMmy contributing most to their community as a whole

    Favorite Eco Friendly WAHMmy

    Get your suggestions in by 10/15 and then we will take the top 3 in each category and we will have a vote!! The winners will be announced on Halloween!!

    You can get your suggestions in by either commenting on here or using the contact tab on the FB page or the blog!!

    Can't wait to see your suggestions!!

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Crazy Helicopter Mom!!

    So I have been called a Crazy helicopter Mom on more than one occasion and I have a feeling today may be one of those days... But honestly I DON'T CARE!!!

    One thing that should never be tolerated is bullying in any form! And it especially should not be tolerated in a school district... What am I talking about you ask... One hint!!!

    Yes the big yellow twinkie, the cheese box, what ever you call it its something most kids ride and honestly it should be a place of safety not bullying!!!

    Monday my son got of the bus saying his best buddy (who is smaller than the rest and kinda quiet) was punched and made fun of... Yes I was upset but knowing the two kids involved I knew there must be a bit more behind it. What really upset me though was the bus driver let it happen!! So I was stewing a bit and spoke with his buddy's mom...

    The next day my son's teacher emailed me to let me know that there was an incident on the playground where my son was punched. It turns out some of the problem children on the bus were making fun of my daughter for the way she talks and my son was defending his little sister. He never laid a finger on them but ended up at the nurses station because he was repeatedly punched by these kids.

    If you have been following my blog (or know me) you would know that my daughter was born two months early with failure to thrive and we were told if she would live past three months she would be brain dead for the rest of her life. Well fast forward six years and I have a beautiful, smart. athletic, Daisy Scout Cheerleader who is a bit shy because of her speech issues. She did not start talking until she was almost 4. She has caught up a lot and has a bigger vocabulary than most kids her age but she is shy to use it because a lot of people do not understand her (even teachers). So yes my son is very VERY protective of his baby sister!! BUT not only that... THEY GO TO DIFFERENT SCHOOLS!!!

    In our town we have three k-2 schools and then one 3-5 and one middle and one high school. They do this because we have a small (to most standards) town and they like the kids to have a small school feel so they get more individual attention. Even in the 3-5 school they have three wings. Two wings are for 3&4th grade and the third wing is for 5th. Each wing is like it's own little school and you stay within your wing unless you have an out class (art, music, library, computer, or gym) and the out classes are in their own wing.

    So basically these 3rd grade kids in my son's wing (who live on our street) were making fun of my daughter in 1st grade in another school.  So when I got an email about this from his teacher he informed me this was the second time this year (we have had like 8 school days at most!) my son was in the nurses office and the first time was the day before because on the way to school a child had pinched him repeatedly. This was the same boy who had punched my son's friend and is a year older than the boys. This was the first I had heard about the incident and was eager to find out more!!

    Yesterday also happened to be open house so I was able to meet with his teacher and speak to him about it face to face. It turns out that they are looking into it at school and trying to pin point the children involved.

    So this morning my kids did not want to take the bus. It was so bad my daughter was so stressed her stomach ached! I understood my son but was confused by my daughter! I had asked her what was wrong and she would not tell me...

    She normally sits with the same boy (my son's buddy's little brother... they grew up playing together because of their brothers) but the little boy is in Kindergarten and the bus driver makes the kindergarteners sit in the front on the way to school (but not on the way back). She never has anyone to sit with on the way to school because of this and it depresses her!! She is new to the school (we lived in TX last year just for a year and she went to Kindergarten there and then we moved back to the same street that we lived in before when we moved back) and the kids are not used to her speech so she has been having trouble making friends.

    She knew she couldn't sit with him on the way to school so she sat behind him and then it happened...

    The bus driver YELLED at my baby girl!! That is a no go for me! He YELLED at her and told her to move to the back of the bus!! I went to the grocery store after getting her on the bus (same bus, same bus driver, different times) and was next to the bus at the red light (only one between the house and school) and it happened I was right next to her window...

    All I saw was a full head of blonde curls with her head down and the saddest look on her face! I mean really!! It broke my heart! So between the kids being bullied on the Intermediate School bus and now my daughter crying because the bus driver yelled at her I had had it! So I did what any helicopter mom would o in this situation...

    I called the bus department to complain!! I was AMAZED! I was the first person to complain to them about this route! She was in shock and upset and promised to look into it so we will see what happens...

    My husband wants me to drive the kids and pick them up everyday but honestly I have issues with that:

    1. The bullies win and are left to bully the other kids (including my son's buddy)
    2. That takes time and money from my day (extra gas and with the prices the way they are its a lot right now!! but that is the least of the reasons)
    3. The kids need to learn how to handle situations like this.
    Not everyone will get a long all the time and I feel the kids need to learn how to handle these situations. I feel in this situation it is the bus driver's fault for letting this take place!!

    Bullying is big in the news (FINALLY) and people are speaking out! I feel as a school employee (which bus drivers are) they are responsible for keeping the kids safe. Not only safe on the road but safe from being hit, made fun of, or alienated!!!

    So what are your opinions and what would you have done...

    I would love a nice conversation on here but please...

    No bullying!

    WAHM Wednesday!! 9/14/2011

    Amy began making jewelry about 6 years after her daughter Kennedy Rose was born. It quickly became addictive and a great way for her to relax and unwind after a hard day of work and adjusting to a newborn. After many friends and coworkers started asking to buy her jewelry, Amy decided to take her hobby to the next level and Kennedy Rose Designs was born.

    She was recently lucky enough to leave her corporate job of nine years to raise her newborn son and daughter and focus more on her passion. Everything on her site can be customized to suit your needs. She loves custom orders and would love to create that prefect piece of jewelry for you!!

    Some examples of her wonderful jewelry are:

    I absolutely love her jewelry! It reminds me of summer and with her hand stamping you can get something for everyone on your list! When I first saw her jewelry I knew she would become a fast favorite!

    The pictures shown above are just a few favorites but she has so many many more pieces I could not list them all!! For more information please go check her Facebook page.

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Menu Planning: What is it and how will it help me...

    So in my last post I mentioned planning your menu for the next month ahead of time to save time, money, frustration, and sanity... After that post I had a few emails that asked me about this so I am now going to go into more detail (I will also be writing this post as I plan my own menu!!)

    First I grab my supplies!!

    1. school lunch menus (that way I am not doubling up on what they are already eating)
    2. 4 pieces of scrap papers
    3. a blank monthly calender (can be found online and printed out or use a calender you already have)
    4. pen and pencil (one of each for me)
    5. and an extra piece of paper for later

    First thing I do is grab the school menu. My kids are in 1st and 3rd grade which means they go to different schools (in our small town we have 3 primary schools K-2, and then one intermediate 3-5, and then one Middle and one High School so the kids have small schools that can focus on their needs) so I have two different menus to go by!! So if Roo's school is serving Homemade Mac and Cheese and N's school is serving Orange Chicken on 9/8 that means those two meals are off the menu for that day.

    So with that in mind I start of with four pieces of scrap paper and write the same thing down each page

    • M
    • T
    • W
    • Th
    • F
    • St
    • S
    And then under each day the same thing

    • M
    1. Breakfast
    2. Lunch
    3. Dinner
    Pretty simple so far, right...

    Well now comes the difficult part!! You have to write a meal under each subcategory!! Trust me this is much easier said then done!! Now you have to come up with 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches (if you pack your own, have kids at home or bring your own to work), and then finally 30 dinners.  Honestly I always check with my butcher first! I see what are in their package deals for that month and what package(s) I am going to buy and then build on that. If you need ideas you could ask everyone in your family to list their top five favorite meals and incorporate that into your menu or you can check out recipe sites!

    On the back I write everything I need for that week to make the meals I listed and then by the end of all four lists I have my grocery list for the month! I see what I can buy in bulk or on sale and then I write one clean list on the extra piece of paper I have!! Now I am prepared for the store and will not spend extra money not knowing what I am doing and wondering aimlessly!

    The final step I do (because I am totally anal about lists and charts!) is take a blank calender and fill in the menu for the month (like the school does) and post it on the fridge next to the school menu! I also use this calender to put in activities and schedules so everyone knows where to be, what to eat and when. Now the kids know what to do and what to expect and there are no questions!

    As I always say an organized family is a happy family! Now that we are not asking "what's for dinner" "When is my competition" "what are we doing Saturday because my friend wants me to go to the skateboard park"etc etc we have more FREE time to be together!!

    This works especially well for Mom's of young kids and Homeschooling Moms! And I find better deals when I buy in bulk as well!!

    Do you plan out menus... If so how does it work for you, do you do anything differently than I laid out or is this how you do it... If this is your first time please share with us how it worked out! remember crock pots are a great tool for busy families as well as taking a weekend and precooking meals to freeze!!

    Happy planing :)

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Rainy Days and Mondays always make me...

    Want to organize and clean my house!!!

    No really they do!

    I am lucky that I am a Stay at Home Mom and have these days to devote to cleaning and organizing but I know so so many of you are not. That is the one thing I hear the most "You have such productive days because you stay home all day while we all are at work". Trust me it hasn't always been this way! It took me many years (and both kids to be in school) before I could get myself together and organized (an I have not always been a stay at home mom either!) but I have finally got myself into a nice little routine!

    Today I am going to share a modified version of my routine that will help all you busy Mommas live clutter free!! This is a process and not an overnight miracle so bear with it and most importantly don't get discouraged!!!

    First thing first is to get the house in order!! I would start by doing this in zones (zones is something you will hear me talk a lot about).

    The Fly Lady talks a lot about getting your house in order slowly but steadily and I like a lot of the tings she says. I would recommend the first night just clean the kitchen and nothing else! I mean REALLY clean! Don't just put the dishes away and sweep up. Clean out the fridge and make it shine!! Your kitchen will look and smell great!! Your Kitchen will be zone 1

    The next night all you will have to do is wipe down counters and do the dishes (or have the kids do them!) in zone 1 and you can work on zone 2 (the bathrooms!!) by day 3 you have zone 1 and 2 basically clean and you can go onto zone 3 (living areas) etc etc.

    By the End of the week you will have a clean house!! Then everyday M-F you will assign a zone to a day and just surface clean the rest! Once you have done this for a few weeks it will get easier and easier as you go and take less and less time! If you have kids assign them each a zone to surface clean! My kids have their jobs (dishes and trash) as well as picking up their own toys and junk so I have time to quickly clean my zones! Since my children are still younger I do not assign them their own zone yet but I encourage each of you with older kids to do so!! Give Suzie the kitchen, Sam the Bathrooms, and George the living areas! Make these their jobs and have them surface clean daily and really clean, mop, vacuum, dust once a week!

    My kids know that if their jobs and homework are not done they can not go out and play or go to activities! They do homework when they first get home and then chores (unless dishes are on the list for them that day then they can wait til after dinner) This teaches responsibility and structure as well as helping me keep the house clean!! If you are having your kids help and assigning chores then a good thing is a weekly schedule and a check list! Write each person name down the piece of paper and what zone they have and then across the top write M-F everyday have them check their zone off! This shows you that it was done when you get home from work and also the checking makes the person feel accomplished :)

    Once you get this routine down then cleaning should only take about 20 minutes daily!! As I said this takes time to get in the routine and does not happen over night! If you are getting your kids involved it is like retraining them and this could be hard (especially for teenagers!) but it can be done with patience and love :)

    Another time saver is making a menu! Weekly or monthly menus work great! Think like the school lunch menu calenders you get from school... My kids love them! They go look at it daily and know what is going to be ,ade that day and what to look forward to (or know they want mom to make lunch that day!) If you make one of those for your house it saves time energy and money!!

    Just think no more "What's for Dinner..." I do this and it help ion so many ways! I already know each day ahead of time and can prep the night before and it helps with the grocery bill so that I am not paying for food that will go bad because I buy it hoping I will make it! The kids love it too! Each day my daughter looks at the menu the night before and will say "when I wake up I will put my clothes on, have (X) for breakfast and then I
    will get brush my teeth and go to school and then tomorrow night we are having (X) for dinner!!!" This is exciting for her because she feel she has some control and security in her 6 year old life!

    Since doing this I have saved so much time and money on the infamous "whats for dinner" question and has been great for my family!!

    So now you have a clean house and you know what's for dinner so now all you have to do is figure out when and where that away game is... You knew you had that paper somewhere....

    That brings me to the second to last thing I am going to touch upon:

    Family organizational binders!!

    Every family should have one (and if you have small kids two but I will get into that in a bit!)

    Start out with a three ring binder (preferably a big thick one) and lots of tab dividers!

    I would start by making an out line first (yes this will be a lot like writing a term paper) Start out with the main categories and then go down to sub categories (for example since everyone's will be different depending on your own family and needs...)

    1. Basic Family Info
    2. Calenders, Schedules, and Activites
    3. Finances
    4. Shopping Lists
    Then from there do sub categories:

    Basic Family Info:

    With this section I have a second binder with only this info for babysitters! This way they have all the info they need without them seeing our personal info as well!

    I start out with a section of emergency contact numbers (911, management company, Drs, local hospitals, etc etc as well as our cell phones and family members to contact if someone can not get a hold of us) Plus our physical address and directions to our house if 911 needs to be called. Also any house rules or chores they need to do before they get privileges!

    I then have a section for each family member listing all allergies and or medical conditions and anything people may need to know if there is an emergency.

    Calenders, Schedules, and Activites

    I put the monthly meal menu in here as well as school and activity calenders and one monthly calender I can write everything in all the other calenders in to be in one place! This is a great place to put your cleaning zone calender in too!! You can get as specific as you want here (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly) remember this is your binder make it your own!!


    Here you can keep all your bills and due dates in one place!! I keep an extra copy of my checkbook balance sheet and a list of all bills and due dates!

    Finally shopping lists!

    Here I keep a list of birthday and holidays as well as grocery lists and a running list of things I am running low on!

    Again i am being purposefully vague here because I want you all to make your own and do what works for you! These binders are great for busy people to keep everything in one place! Also this is great for the kids because if they need to know something and you are not around it is easily found all in one place!

    Well I know I gave you a lot of info and you head must be spinning! To start this I recommend baby step but trying this out. Give it a good month of steadily following before making a judgement but if you spend more than 30 minutes a day you may be spending to much time and may want to think of how you can re tool it to better serve you!

    The final thing I want to mention is once you have this down and are doing it M-F guess what that leaves FREE....


    Enjoy your free weekends with your family and relax!! (just pick up after yourself and meals and you are set!!) Do you have any tips for cleaning and organizing on a busy schedule... If so please share with us!!

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    What is all this talk about Wrappers Anonymous and why should I care...

    Well I am here to fill you in :)

    Kelli from Wrappers Anonymous has partnered with The Free Life to give you one great PARTY!!!!

    Body Wrap? What is that? How does it work?

    Well the ingredients on the applicator actually started out as a massage lotion. The lotion was created by a pharmaceutical company in Mexico. They had been testing the lotion for about six months, when they noticed that people were losing and shrinking right before their eyes. But when they looked at production, they saw that the lotion would be too expensive to produce, so they looked at the applicator instead. The staff of Dr. Garza and Luis Mijares, two leading homeopathic & herb scientific researchers have combined their extensive knowledge to create a system that actually works.
    The applicator is a targeted body wrap designed for the abs, back, thighs, and arms...or anywhere else you want to put it....
    . It actually works, clinically researched for 25 years! High percentage of success rate!
    • Enhances skin renewal, building new skin from underneath the deep layers
    • Detoxes lymphatic system
    • Tones, Tightens, Firms and Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite
    • Decreases local inflammation
    • Start seeing Results in as little as 45 Minutes
    • Continued Results Over 72 Hour Period
    • Complete Body Makeover in 30-90 Days
    • Results Last 2-6 Months then you just Maintain
    • Targeted Body Wrap- 11”x 22”
    • Easy to Use at Home By Yourself
    • Affordable-No Expensive Spa Visits
    • Safe All Natural Herbal Formula
    • Not a Diuretic-You Will Need Water to Flush Toxins Out
    • Not Water Weight Loss
    • The Tape Measure doesn’t lie, So give one a try!

    The formula is very synergistic as demonstrated below.
    * Stimulate Lipolysis: (the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells which enables free fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream and circulate out of the body)
    * Increase Lymphatic Drainage: (movement of lymph flow through the system which allows toxins and waste stored in fat cells to properly exit
    * Incite Sanguineous Microcirculation: (passage of blood in the smallest vessels, namely arterioles, capillaries, and venules, which aides in the removal of toxins, inch loss, and further lipolysis)
    While the Body Wrap contains a host of botanical and vitamins, the action ingredients are below:
    * Aesculus Hippocastanum: A gel formulation that included 3% of the extract was applied topically to the skin around the eye three times daily for nine weeks. The efficacy of the extract to diminish wrinkles was evaluated by visual scoring based on photo scales. After six weeks, significant decreases in the wrinkle scores at the corners of the eye or in the lower eyelid skin were observed compared with controls. After nine weeks, similar results were obtained. Taken together, our results suggest that an extract of Aesculus Hippocastanum can generate contraction forces in fibroblasts and is a potent anti-aging ingredient.
    * Methylsilanol Mannuronate: In vitro studies have shown that Methylsilanol Mannuronate normalizes cellular metabolism, is a tissue regeneratorm, and aids in the reduction of cellulite. This is an organic derivative of seaweed that binds moisture in the epidermis, thus firming and strengthening the skin. It is also known to act as an anti-oxidant to actively prevent the acceleration of premature aging. It is used when a positive effect on the sustaining skin tissue is desired, for reduction and prevention of the effects of coetaneous aging, for destroying free radicals, and for moisturizing.
    * Fucus Vesiculosus: Studies have shown that Fucus Vesiculosus speeds up the elimination of toxins from cells and is a natural cellular renewal ingredient. It is derived from the dried Thallus (bulbous root) of Fucus Vesiculosus, a type of seaweed. It is rich in the same vital nutrients, trace elements and amino acids present in human blood plasma, allowing it to penetrate the skin more thoroughly than most other ingredients. It has also been shown to nourish and remineralize the skin. High in silicon, which is believed to keep the skin from wrinkling and sagging, it is used for its anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties.

    How does The Applicator work?
           Select herbs provide nutrients that penetrate cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty materials) inside the cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body, resulting in natural and permanent inch loss (not temporary compression or water loss).
    The Applicators don’t work by making you sweat out water (dehydration or water compression). Again, The Applicators actually help to release fat, not lose water. (Water loss can be dangerous!) We encourage you to DRINK lots of water to ASSIST flushing your body of excess fatty material. All of us have fat cells. It’s the state of these fat cells that counts. They can expand and they can shrink. When you diet or work out, you don’t lose fat cells; you lose the “subcutaneous fat” inside the cell. 
              The Applicator’s natural ingredients help to saturate the wall of the cell and work to release accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell (osmosis action). The excess substance liquefied by the herbs goes through blood circulation to the lymph system to excrete from the body. This is a normal excretion action that cleanses the excessive fatty substance from the body, and the excess material is flushed out through the lymphatic system, your normal elimination processes.  Your skin is your largest living and BREATHING organ of your body. Harmful air pollution, smoking, harmful ingredients from lotions, soaps, perfumes, dangerous cleaning chemicals, UV rays, and even the wind assault your body. Harmful chemicals get trapped in our fat cells. It behooves us to clean our body INSIDE and OUT by using The Applicator Cosmetic System. By shrinking your fat cells and reducing inches, you benefit from a more toxic-free body.

    Is The Applicator Cosmetic System just like all the other “wraps” on the market?
                         No. This is NOT a compression wrap or temporary water loss. Many existing wraps claim they’re for weight loss. But BE CAREFUL. Several wraps are designed to make you sweat off pounds of water only to return with each glass of water you drink afterward. Other wraps are based on compression. You’re wrapped extremely tight with elastic bandages and for long periods of time. These are both temporary and generally, not comfortable to do, nor are they very good for your body.

    Does this involve dieting?
              No dieting is required for inch-loss. However, The Applicator Cosmetic System is the perfect partner for a diet. Losing weight causes the breakdown of fat, releasing more toxins in the soft tissues, frequently resulting in loose, “flabby” looking flesh. The detoxifying and sculpturing wrap will firm and tighten this flesh to show the full benefits of your weight loss.

    How many inches will I lose?
             It depends upon your body type (the proportion of soft fatty tissue to muscle mass) and the amount of loose skin you have. Most people average a 1 to 3 inch loss the first and again the second applicator, and about half as much the following applicators. Many people use applicators for skin tightening and cellulite reduction while others seek the therapeutic benefits of detoxification.  However, inch loss is only a side effect of these wraps, the purpose is detoxification of the fat cells. Some people will not lose inches upon first wrap because of the toxicity of their body.
    How often can I use The Applicator Cosmetic System?
               The Applicator is a safe and effective process and you may do it as often as you wish, however you continue losing inches for 72 hours after the applicator. We suggest for maximum inch loss results that a series of applicators, at least 72 hours apart be applied until you reach your desired shape. Some people are happy after just one applicator, others applicate once a month to maintain their results and because it makes the skin so soft and supple.

    Is this just a temporary water loss?
               No. The Applicator is a firming and toning process, which produces results by detoxifying and contouring flesh. There is very little water loss. You will lose more inches than pounds. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

    Will The Applicator help cellulite?
                  As you probably know, cellulite is waterlogged fatty tissue. One of the first things women with this problem report is the loss of many of their fat dimples and ripples within the first few applicators. Results, however, can be seen from the very first application.

    How many applicators will I need?
                       That depends on several things: how many inches you wish to lose, the number of inches lost per applicator, how much loose skin you have, your commitment to a weight loss program, etc. To maximize your losses you ideally need to applicate every 72 hours or twice a week until your skin is tight, you have no cellulite and you look great in and OUT of clothes. (i.e. weddings, reunions, photo shoots, etc.).

    How much weight will I lose?
          The Applicator was designed to take out toxins resulting in loss of inches rather than pounds.

    Who will The Applicator help?
                         The Applicator will help anyone who wants to tone and tighten his/her skin, people with overly dry/rough skin, those with loose skin from weight changes or pregnancy, and men and women who want to look terrific fast! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger!





    by Wrappers Anonymous! on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 5:34pm


    1."like" wrappers anonymous and "the free life"
    ( I liked both pages, i signed up as a ______ customer! and ___so and so___ sent me!) insert option are (retail, distributor, stock, loyal, one timer)
     (SIGN UP here : <other than="" stock...=""> WWW.hUMBLEREVELATIONS.ITWORKS.NET )</other>











    STOCK :

    "one timer"RETAIL:

    Now that you know the 411 go on over and like her page and see all the resources she has! This is a great product and a great at home business opportunity as well!! Go show her some Free Life Love and go get your SEXY BACK!!!!

    ****Note Most of  the info on this post came from Kelli Brett (Wrappers Anonymous) Facebook page and is her research and words! Just want to give research credit where it is due :)****

    WAHM Wednesday!! 09/07/2011

    Today for WAHM Wednesday I chose one of m,y favorite Work at home Mommas... Pooky Packs!

    I am sure you have seen her on my page and have seen me mention her but I bet you have wondered what she does and how it may effect your life...


    Melodi is a wahm with 2 boys, 2 years old & almost 7.  Packing her son’s lunch for school last year was so hard! She had been cloth diapering the little one and was becoming very aware of waste.  And so using the plastic baggies was killing her slowly LOL!  And the big plastic containers did not fit in a standard lunch box.  Sooo she started looking into foodsafe materials that were easy to clean and suitable for things like cut up fruit and veggies (as well as dry snacks).  She started with the sandwich wraps and snack bags, then recently the sandwich bags that can also be large snack bags.  At first it was her friends buying them, then a cafe wanted to stock them.  So she set up a page on fb & she have another retailer in Sorrento.  She live in the beautiful Okanagan (Canada) but she do a lot of shipping to the states. She loves what she does, and that she gets to stay home with her boys, reduce waste, and has met some wonderful people while doing it!!

    Some of the great thing she makes are:

    Not only are these cute and green but they are also so economical! Imagine never buying sandwich or snack bags ever again!! These are reusable and safe which means it saves the economy, saves your wallet, and saves your lunch for years to come! She has them in so many varieties so you, your spouse, and your kids will have a choice of colors and prints to express themselves!!

    I have seen these selling at major retailers (including the LL Bean flagship store and big box stores) for well over $10 but this wonderful Momma sells her handmade with love goods at a great price that includes no middle man!!

    Sandwich wraps $8
    Snack packs $6
    Pooky Picnic Pack $20 ~ includes 2 wraps & 1 snack pack
    Shipping within Canada ~ approx $2.00, depending on order
    Shipping to the US ~ approx $3.00, depending on order

    She also makes other things and makes to order! I would recommend you all checking out her Facebook Page for more info!!

    ***Remember if you know a great WAHM please let us know! You never know they may just be our next WAHM Wednesday feature!!***

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Skillet Bacan Jam... SAY WHAT!

    To say I was nervous is an understatement! I was very wary and it took me awhile before trying but this morning was the day!! I took two pieces of bread spread the jam on and put some black forest turkey on and... I was pleasently surprised! Really! It has a nice kick and reminds me a bit of Grandma's cooking!

    Not sure if I will eat it every time I have a sandwich but this time it was A O K! Even the hubby liked it!! I give this one a 7 out of 10!!!

    If you want to order some yourself go to their website! And if you have any questions you can contact them!!!

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    The Peaceful Housewife Natural Household Cleaners Review and Giveaway!

    What a great ebook!!

    Talk about saving money!! This is great!! LOVE IT!! There is a plethora of resources here to help you save you money and help save the environment! This will help you answer all your questions about how to make your own household cleaners and do it in a very easy and clear way!

    Imagine never having to buy cleaners again!! Well this teach you how! To buy the ebook just go over to their website for more info on ordering or you could win it here!


    Two lucky readers will get a copy of this ebook!! Please tell us in a blog comment what the one cleaner you hate to spend money on! Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win! I will be choosing winners via on 9/16/2011 at NOON EST!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

    Sponsored by

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    Magazine magazines magazines!!! AHHHHHH

    So we get over a dozen magazine subscriptions (99% for free) a month (and that is an understatement!!) and every month we have the same issue (pun intended!) WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THESE MAGAZINES!!!!

    I hate clutter and in order to be as productive as possible I try to find good resources and ways to reuse things and I had to get creative with magazines!! These are my top favorite ways to clear the magazine clutter:

    1) Send them to the troops over seas!
             One of my best friends is over seas and I go through magazines to send to her. I also go through my husbands magazines as well so that she can share with the men in her unit too!!

    2) Donate them to the hospital!
              I remember being a candy stripper in high school and most of the magazines I had on the magazine cart I would push around to patients had magazines on it older then me!! Hospitals usually have a volunteer office that would love you if you donated all your old magazines!! (This could also include vetrans homes, nursing homes, free clinics etc etc)

    3) Donate them to a local school!
             Your children's art teacher would love you if you brought in a big box of magazines! Or even an art school! Collages are made a lot more than we think in schools and teachers always need the medium to use! Even as a Girl Scout leader I save all my children magazines for craft projects!

    4) The sky is the limit!!
              Did I forget any of your favorites... Please let me know!!!

    I know some of these (if not all) are no brainers!! But in the moment we forget! So this is my top 3 list of what to do with them! Now please share yours...


    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    A little bit of rambling on a Sunday morning...

    Good morning all!!

    I feel I need to share this with all of you! As most of you know I like to be stress free and drama free. Normally my way of dealing with confrontation is to ignore it and put on a happy (Or brave) face (which ever the case may be). I give people chance after chance but at some point you need to draw the line between forgiveness and just plain letting your self be abused...

    On that note I would like to share some things with you about me, this blog, and why I started The Free Life...

    I started this blog and page to share the great finds I find with family and friends! Since the first day about a month or so ago it went to being just a few people from my personal FB list to almost 900!! To say I am thrilled is an understatement! I am beyond happy you all have decided to follow me and listen to my ramblings! Which brings me to my first point/statement

    1) This blog and site are me and everything comes from my own beautiful mind! Every review is my own opinion, every deal is one I found and researched (If I find I found a dud and posted it I WILL tell you). I will never let a person, vendor, or business tell me how to write, brand, or even portray my thoughts and ideas! I am who I am and that is all I can be!

    I will only post something if I believe in it and find it has value in MY EYES. Every person has the ability to pass by it or read it or even "unlike" me for something I wrote. I will not be offended!! HONESTLY!! I am a wife and a mom of two kids and can only know and post on what I know!! If I do not post something it is because I personally do not find value in it. I love when you all post deals!! (I will normally repost them too because I find my loyal readers have some great tips!)

    When I post a guest post it is from someone I trust and Know and I read their content first. I hold myself accountable for everything I put on my blog and FB!!!

    2)When I endorse, shout out, recommend, etc etc a product, company it is because it is one I have done/do business with or know the person/people behind the business and find them of quality and feel I could put my name behind!! Again I am just me, I am not a company, a business, or a "brand" nor do I really plan to be!

    Now that is not to say if Martha Stewart came knocking asking me to join her team or offered me a show I wouldn't turn her down... I am just saying I am a blogger who loves to share her opinions and deals!

    3) I am in no way an extreme couponist who is only out to get things for free!! I prefer to save money so I can do the fun things: Travel, spoil my kids rotten, pamper myself, and surprise my husband with things he loves!! I do love giveaways and contests and love winning! Normally when I do win I will give what I won to charity, give it as a gift or share with family and friends! When I do win something, if I like the quality and the people behind the company, I almost ALWAYS order from them in the future!!! I am big on being a repeat customer and ALWAYS ALWAYS spread the word of companies I do like!

    I am not one to bad mouth so if there is a company I do not like I will remain silent on here!!

    When I do giveaways/fundraisers I in no way get compensated (almost always money comes out of my pocket for it) I do it for you the readers as well as the charity the money goes to and also to help spread the word of some great businesses (who sent their products with out of pocket expense to them!!)

    I feel I needed to share this with all of you so you know where I am coming from! I am and always have been just me!! That is who I plan to stay throughout this journey!! I am a mom who does everything she can to stay home with her kiddos and bake cookies for the kids and their friends when they get off the bus. I am a mom who will attend every PTA meeting and be in the classroom to volunteer. I am a mom who will be the scout leader so no kid has to wait on a waiting list. I am the mom who will help out whenever needed and will always have a warm meal for who every needs it and this is how I do it in a bad economy...

    That is who I am and that is who you will find on this blog!!

    Thank you all for reading! And just so you can get a peak of who you are listening too...

    This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I (I have since gone back to my natural black hair...) I love it because this sums our personalities :)

    Thanks for letting me vent, share, and explain! I promise things won't normally be this heavy but these things have been laying heavily on my mind the last few days and just wanted to get them out there!! And by the way I am here to stay! I will be here even if I have 1,000,000 followers or just 1 and I will be spreading my tips and deals the whole time :) Have a great Labor Day weekend all!!

    Saturday, September 3, 2011

    How much I just love ann page!!

    So as most of you know I love supporting the small business owner. I am all about the little guy and try and stay away from mass chains and box stores (I do have a bit of a Target, Sephora, and Starbucks habit, but I digress) and try to stick to the one on one feel. I like to know my money goes to someone who put love and care into what I received and I like to know they have a face too!

    When I find I store/person I like I become a loyal costumer until the end! I will return and return and return until they stop selling things (if they ever do)!! At the same end if I find the person/employees to be rude, snobby, unprofessional, and over all (as my grandmother would say) "Not OUR kind of people" I put them on my DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH list.

    Recently I found a site I just love and adore! The products are great! The prices are great! The variety is OUTSTANDING! And the owner is such a doll!!

    ann page is my newest favorite store! I had been looking for the perfect cheer bag for my daughter and all I knew was that it had to be purple with her name in lime green! I had looked around and nothing was clicking so I decided to contact this site (knowing it was not on their website) just to see. Virgina (the owner) took the time to find bags for me and gave me a variety of styles to chose from! She was patient while I decided what I wanted and how I wanted it to look (name, embroidery style etc etc) and was also able to make a purple decal with my daughters name for the existing lime green Girl Scout water bottle she had (it tied both her activities into one bottle! She only had a text with the picture of the water bottle to go by and the name fit perfect and looked like it was there to begin with when I put it on!!! I was so impressed!

    My products came quickly and in great quality (even better than I expected from the pictures!)

    Here is a picture with a happy cheerleader right after she got her new bag! I loved that it was still cute and little girlish but being perfect for her cheering and keeping her looking cool for the older girls (even the flowers on the handle are lime green!)!!!

    And here is her water bottle after I put the decal on!!!

     So basically I just have to say I love this store!! If you have never ordered from them this is a great chance to!! She is having a sample sale right now on her blog and the prices are UNBELIEVABLE!!! I just warn you that once you do get your first order in there is no going back!! YOU WILL BE HOOKED!!
    My daughter loved her water bottle so much she asked me "Mom you HAVE to tell me how you did that so I can do that for my kids!!" at 6 she is an ann pageaholic too!! I have the cutest ann page tumbler!! I also have great note pad too (that I won off her facebook page.)!! If you are interested in the sample sale I would go quick before I buy everything up!!

    I would like to also mention that this blog entry is of my own free will and is in no way associated with ann page (I just love this site so much I wanted to share it with you all of you!) and they have no knowledge of me writing it :)

    So I am just wondering who your favorite sites, stores, and business are and why I should check them out!!!

    Frugal gardening in small spaces

    I received this great guest post from LueChaKin Naturals and would love you all to read it and check out her page! Growing your own produce is a great way to save money so you can have it for the fun stuff!!!

    Over the years I continue to learn new ways to save money while enjoying my love for gardening. Since most of my past ten years were spent in apartments or small houses with a small yard, I also learned a few ways to enjoy my hobby in small - and even smaller - spaces.

    Two basic money savers may seem obvious, but then I've been told I'm good at stating the obvious. First, always grow from seeds rather than purchasing seedlings. Second, always compost. Even if you live in an apartment, you can set up a small composting system or even worm-composting system inside or on a balcony. Use that compost in your potted plants, or make compost “tea” to fertilize even hydroponic plants.

    Six of my favorite money and space saving tips:

    1. Egg cartons plus old oven pans make excellent seedling trays. Cut the egg cartons in half, remove any flaps if desires, and fill each groove with potting soil. Plant a seed to the recommended depth and water from below (a.k.a. fill the tray with water). The egg cartons readily soak up the water. By the time your plants are ready to go in a larger pot or the soil, the egg cartons will easily pull apart from sitting moist for a while, and what remains with each individual plant can simply go in the ground to disintegrate.

    2. Make your own fertilizers and pesticides. Everything your plants need to thrive and be bug-free can be made from regular household items.

    3. If you want a lot of house plants or larger ones, look for those that grow fast and easily divide or give cuttings. Jade plants can roots easily. New home-grown houseplants also make great gifts.

    4. Grow your own kitchen herbs. Fresh herbs taste better, and you'll save lots compared to the cost of buying fresh or dried herbs. Focus on the ones you use most often. If you have enough room outside to grow extra, dry or freeze fresh herbs for winter time use.

    5. Grow veggies and other plants with a high value. If yellow onions sell at the grocery store for $0.49/lb, grow those $2.99/lb organic kohlrabi instead.

    6. Save time by learning to mulch your garden beds. Maintain healthy soil, suppress weeds, and save water with free to cheap materials like cardboard and straw. Rich, healthy soil means that you can grow significantly more in a small area than with traditional rows. The so-called "square foot gardening" method is a great place to start. I typically grow full-sized, happy plants only a couple inches apart thanks to rich soil.

    Lastly, if you have at least a small yard and you live in an area that allows them, keep a couple chickens. Not only are they great at keeping pesky bugs out of your yard, they'll also provide you with delicious eggs. Once you've had your own, home-grown eggs, you'll never look at store bought again. As an additional plus, the straw used for their bedding and the bird droppings make an excellent addition to your mulches and compost. I found my chickens to be my easiest animals to take care of – and that includes my fiancee.

    Of course endless other ways save money and time in the garden. For more gardening information, please check out my blog at or share your tips right here!

    Additional resources:

    Make your own fertilizers

    Square Foot Gardening

    Friday, September 2, 2011

    What do I do with all my Amazon credits from crowdtap, swagbucks, suoer points etc etc...

    How many of you have a super smart, beautiful, talented, and frugal cousin... Raise your hand now!!!

    Well if you could see me both my hands are way up in the air!! Today my cousin Theresa shared a brilliant idea on her FB wall!!

    As you save up all those credits what do you do with them...

    A)Buy the kids (more) toys (they won't use)

    B)Buy your dad (yest another) tie

    C) get the hubby another object for hiss obsession (I meant hobby)


    Here is a great shop on Amazon that my cousin so wonderfully pointed out and I would love to share with you!

    The $15 Store

    The store has cute clothes and accessories for just... You guessed it $15!!! What a deal! At those prices (plus using your credits) there is no reason to feel guilty about getting something for yourself!!

    Some of my favorite things from the store are:

    This is just a small sampling of what they have to offer but at these prices you can't go wrong!!

    Thanks T!!!

    Angel Food Update!!

    So one week in to Angel Food and here is my update!!

    I started with some things in my freezer to begin with so somethings we had to eat right away (honey BBQ wings included... so painful for me.. NOT!!!) for lunch that day because I could not fit it all in my freezer!

    I spent $140 and was hoping it would last a whole month ($35 a week) I think if we were a family of two it would but as it seems it will not (that would have been nice!!) so next time I will double (looking at the menu it will be about $200 so only $50 a week still isn't bad at all) and it will be good!!

    So what I ordered:

    The one thing I was disappointing in was the roasting chicken was small (perfect size for two) so I roasted it and then took it a part and will make a pot pie today!

    The food quality was very good and I will be ordering again for September!!! I highly recommend this service!! I like that it gave me a chance to be creative!

    With the fruit and veggie box I got I cut up the fruits and veggies and put them in snack bags and voila! Healthy school snacks on the cheap! I was concerned about the head of cabbage... Didn't feel like making coleslaw so I grabbed the tofu in my fridge and made cabbage, onion, and tofu soup! I gave it an oriental kick and froze it in single serve portions for lunches this fall/winter!!

    Over all it has been a hit and not one complaint yet!! Meat was good quality (Not the best but better than I expected for what I paid) and the kids loved all the stuff in the after school box!!

    The Kennedy family gives it 8 thumbs up!!

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    So I reviewed this PSORENT for Psoriasis gotta tell you I am not a fan! It made the skin area very itchy and overall I think it was poor quality... Because of this I would rather not give to much product info out of respect to the company :) I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    BabyBond Review and Giveaway!!!

    I love this product!! It is perfect for nay nursing mom (or anyone about to nurse!!) I hate seeing babies covered up! It is just so unnatural an suffocating looking!! If you agree with me BabyBond is perfect for you!!
    They have three styles and I think they explain them best! BabyBond Original is worn with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top and has a built-in burpcloth and matching pouch storage pouch. BabyBond Flex is worn with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top and has a removable burpcloth and matching pouch storage pouch. BabyBond Couture is adjustable and can be worn with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top or the bottom. It rolls up into itself to store. BabyBond is machine washable, 100% cotton, and made in USA. I am totally digging this product and completely indorse it!! And you could win one!! Go to and then come back and comment on this blog post telling me the style and color you would want and your email!!! One lucky winner will receive a BabyBond!! Winner will be picked by on 9/16/2011!!! Good Luck!

    Sponsored by I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    WAHM Wednesday!!! (On Thursday!!)

    OK so I have been slacking on the blog, page, and WAHM Wednesday... I am going to get better I promise!!

    I am doing something different this week though... Instead of highlighting one WAHM I would like to do a HUGE shout out to all those helping me raise money for March of Dimes!!

    If you haven't heard yet I am doing a fund raiser in October! Along with all these great sponsors I will be giving away two baskets full of great donated items!!! And if you do not win a basket never fear!! One extra basket will be raffled off and all proceeds go to March of Dimes!!

    For those of you who do not know I have two children. With both my children I went into labor at 20 weeks!! Thanks to medical advancements (and a lot of patient Drs and support family) I was able to deliver my son full term!! My daughter was not so easy... My littlest pea was born two months early!! Due to a paper work mishap she never went to NICU... She was sent to the hospital at 6 weeks with failure to thrive! they thought she would be brain dead at best!! We went through DNA testing and genetics testing to see if she had any disabilities along with (or causing her) failure to thrive but none came back.

    Flash forward 6 years and she is a healthy, active, sweet, and smart 6 year old cheerleading Girl Scout! At this point the only thing we are still working with for specialists are speech therapists!!!

    So as you can see March of Dimes is a charity close to my heart!! And I want to thank the sponsors who have already stepped up to help!! I am still looking for donations (baskets, diaper bags, wipes etc etc and anything for mom too!!) If you are interested (or know someone who may be) please let me know!!

    Now on to the great people who are stepping up to help!!

    Just Catch It!

    Sweetie Peas Botuique

    My Sleeping Beauty

    Sonrisa Jewelry and Design

    Not your Average Couponing Grandma

    Bris Bargain Blog

    The Blushing Violet Jewlry

    It's a WanderfulLife

    Unique BOWtique

    Robyn Dunbar Scentsy Indepedent Consultant

    If I forgot anyone it was completely uintentional and I have had bad Mommy brain lately!! Please let me know and I will add you ASAP!!!

    You all Rock!! Thanks so much!!

    Please go check out their pages and show some love!! Can't wait for this great event to take place!!!

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    WAHM Wednesday!! 8/17/11

    So in our first installment of WAHM Wednesday I would like to spotlight:


    Suzie is working mom who likes to use downtime to make jewelry,
    especially rings, pendants, and earrings. Primarily self-taught, she
    began making jewelry in 2009. After selling a few items to friends and
    co-workers, she decided to take things to the next step and opened a
    shop on Etsy and started a business page on Facebook in March 2011.

    Wire is used as the main medium, and everything in her shop can be custom made,
    so you get exactly what you're looking for. If you don't see something
    you want, just ask!

    Suzie makes some really great jewelry out of her home. You can check
    out her items and order on Facebook - - and through Etsy –

     Some of her wonderful creations include:

    But my absolute favorite of all the things I have seen is:

    This necklace is what caught my eye! A perfect mother's necklace! This necklace has special meaning for me since, anyone who knows me knows, I call my children my peas! My son is my pea and my daughter is my little pea! A good friend of mine just found out she is pregnant and just saw her first ultra sound picture and I told her that know she knows why they call a baby in your belly "A pea in the pod"!

    I absolutely adore this necklace and plan on splurging on it for my self very soon! She also has the peas come in different colors (birth colors, pink or blue, or any colors you want) and you can get the matching earrings as well! Please take a look at her Etsy shop ( ) and if you have any questions please contact her on FB ( )!

    This is my pick for WAHM Wednesday! Do you know a WAHM you would like to nominate or re you a WAHM... If so please add their name to our list at! ( ) see you next Wednesday for the next installment!!

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Scentsy Values!!!

    In honor of our Scentsy party ( Party called Mystery Host; The Free Life) I wanted to share some of the great items on Scentsy that are at a great price (even greater since everything is 10% off this Month!!)

    Fragrance Foam! Foaming hand sanitizers in 10 fragrances! Normally the low price of $6 but this month $5.40!!

    Scent Circles! Great for the car, closet, locker etc etc Normally $3 but this month only $2.70!!!

    Travel Tins! Like the circles but in tin form! Use them anywhere that needs freshening up! Normally $5 but this month only $4.50!!!

    This is just a small sampling of some of the great values and products! Also on Robyn's FB has a list of items being discontinued so it is your last chance for those items! Don't forget no matter the size of your order you are put in the drawing for the Hostess Rewards!!! Happy shopping!!!!

    *Disclaimer* The Free Life and the person behind it is not getting paid in anyway or getting any hostess rewards for this party! All commissions go to the consultant and all rewards of being a hostess go to the winner of the drawing. To be entered in the drawing all you have to do is buy something from the party (no matter how big or small!!)!

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    Auguat Show!! Scentsey Extravaganza!!

    About ME: I'm a stay at home, single mom of two boys. We have 2 dogs, a cat and a sugar glider. I also run my own daycare out of my home. Needless to say, burning candles in my home seemed a little scary for me with so much going on. I heard about Scentsy from a neighbor of mine and then again through a friend who had joined Scentsy. After learning more about the product and how safe it was for my home, I joined the company. After all, I could use a little time away from the home every now and then, and who wouldn't want to get paid to party? I shared Scentsy with everyone I knew and promoted 4 times in 6 months to become a Star Consultant! It's been an amazing experience so far and one of the best decisions I made!

    About SCENTSY: Scentsy Wickless candles are a safe alternative to regular candles. With Scentsy candle warmers, there is no flame, no soot, and no lead - so no worries! Instead, each skillfully designed ceramic Scentsy Warmer uses a low-watt bulb that gently melts a specially formulated highly scented wax Scentsy Bar, releasing delightful, long-lasting fragrances in any of your favorite rooms.

    Scentsy warmers come in several sizes, from Plug-In Scentsy Warmers that fit small areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms to Full-Size Scentsy Warmers that make a statement in any room – offices, reception areas, dens, kitchens, even dorms. They are the best wickless candles! With more than eighty Scentsy fragrances to choose from and with our extensive assortment of designs, finishes and colors, you will have no trouble finding Scentsy candle warmers to fit your office and home d├ęcor; there is no reason to worry about candles ever again!

    August Party!!!! Scentsy!!
    Party ends August 29, 2011

    Every person who purchases any item at all will be entered into a drawing to receive all the hostess benefits from this party! Let's help a WAHM mom out while getting great products at a great price! If you are interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant please contact Robyn to find out more info on a great business opportunity!!

    How to ORDER: Go to my website: and clock on the BUY tab at the top. When you are asked what party to join, find the "Mystery Host; The Free Life" Party and buy under that tab. Mostly all Scentsy products are 10% off for the month of August, so you can get an awesome product for an awesome deal! Whoever orders the Warmer of the Month (SOL) will get a free bar of the Scent of the Month (Just Breathe) from me personally.

    Robyn Dunbaugh
    Scentsy Star Consultant

    Business 2 Blogger